Gym of the year?

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I observe from recent editions of The Star that Concord Sports Centre finished second in the Gym of the Year competition.

I would like to say that for some time I was a member of the Concord gym.

In my opinion, it was very formal, cold and quite uninviting, so I withdrew my membership.

I then joined Revitalise Gym, The Foundry, Barrow Road, Wincobank, to find a welcoming and friendly venue.

Admittedly, there is a following of middle-aged ladies, but not all, it also attracts younger clients.

It provides us ladies with many beauty treatments along with its gym and sunbeds.

Have a relaxing massage, a facial, your nails perfected and much more.

The staff are very much family-oriented, friendly and relaxed.

It is a ladies only gym, but it does, however, welcome and encourage males who attend for sunbed use or a spray tan now and then.

You can have a ‘cuppa’ and a chat and it has brightened many ladies’ lives.

To me, this far outshines the large, formal gyms that one comes across. So go and try it. You’ll find friendly staff and happy, friendly clients.

Good luck and best wishes to Revitalise.

Jill Allen