Grown-up debate?

Migrants and refugees
Migrants and refugees
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The other morning I was half listening to the radio and was about to switch it off when a voice caught my attention.

It was a female and spoke with almost glacial slowness, but with the sort of ultra-reasonableness that one might use with a naughty toddler.

This is what she said ‘we have to sit down and have a grown-up debate about immigration’.

Now you don’t need a degree in political speech to know that people who use that particular phrase are generally in favour of unrestricted immigration to this country.

It’s a phrase that is actually meaningless and its sole purpose is to give the impression that the user is prepared to give due consideration to the opinions of others when in fact their own views are actually set in stone.

The second strand to this letter concerns the contribution by Councillor Allison Teal (May 24).

She states that the problems facing the NHS, education, housing etc are absolutely nothing to do with unrestricted immigration but rather are the fault of government cuts.

The point that I’m labouring to make is this: these statements were made by people who have almost cult-like belief, that they hold the moral high ground.

Whereas the rest of us have doubts they are convinced that they know what is best for us.

There is no ‘grown-up debate’ to be had because the minds of these people were made up a long time ago.