Gross errors

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The council have made a gross error of judgement in trying to portray the save the trees campaign as an issue of class,location and personal greed. It is quite clearly a campaign about the environment, local democracy,the ability or otherwise of our elected representatives to listen to the electorate of this city and the scrutiny that they must be subjected to.

The fact is that councils of all political persuasions have had very little scrutiny and accountability over the last 25 to 30 years. The lack of any kind of strategy to maintain the roads,pavements and trees led to the situation that we find ourselves in today. The signing of a contract which allows the destruction of a green heritage bequeathed to the people of this city by our Victorian forefathers is the sole responsibility of past and present councillors. To obfuscate, show disrespect to the electorate and now try and divide people on the basis of some outmoded and outdated ideas of class and perceived wealth is as absurd as it is grotesque.

David Smith

Wood lane Close, S6