‘Greenest’ city is a joke

Fitzalan Square after the four trees were felled at 6am on Sunday, May 20. Picture: Cuthbert Baines.
Fitzalan Square after the four trees were felled at 6am on Sunday, May 20. Picture: Cuthbert Baines.
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Unsurprisingly Sheffield City Council and their appalling contractors Amey continue to defy the people of this city by committing yet another shameful act of wanton destruction in felling the four remaining mature trees in Fitzalan Square, the only ones which were left in the city centre.

Of course the butchery of these trees was carried out in their usual sly and underhand manner at 6.00am on a Sunday morning as they knew this was against public opinion and the wishes of 3,189 people who signed the petition which they ignored.

These healthy trees were chopped down in spite of the fact that Sheffield has one of the highest levels of air pollution in the country and that is why we desperately need to keep the canopy cover of larger mature trees to help protect our air quality.

The council say they are going to plant 12 new ones in their place, but it doesn’t matter how many they plant as they will not be adequate replacements for those they have destroyed.

The council is an absolute disgrace and not fit to hold office.

This city of ours deserves much better than this bunch who have no idea of the importance of our precious trees and couldn’t care less about the impact their chainsaw massacre is having on our environment.

Call this the ‘greenest’ city, you must be joking!

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

All power to the pastor!

An unprecedented American explosion has taken place at a sedate little chapel in Windsor.

Yes, I’m referring to The Reverend Michael Curry and his unforgettable speech at Harry and Meghan’s wedding!

Quoting Martin Luther King, championing the ‘power of love’ and gesticulating wildly, he got so impassioned that I thought he’d send one of those candles in front of him flying, giving the Windsor fire service more work to do! I must say, I was starting to watch the seasons change as his speech went on... and on.

The congregation showed varying degrees of amusement and bemusement, the Queen being in the latter camp. Anyway, before a stony-faced official had the chance to materialise bearing a stopwatch, he finally wrapped up, declaring “I’ve got to get you married yet!”, which kind of endeared him (at least to me) and his words clearly came from the heart. The Rev Curry really did spice up the proceedings. All power to the pastor!

This was followed by a rendition of Stand By Me by the Kingdom Choir, which had more cheese than a dairy farm but was undeniably uplifting. Mum and I had a sing-a-long and even a black and white cat on our lawn seemed to be doing some kind of dance!

I’m no ardent Royalist, but I must say, I did enjoy it all! The passionate pastor and happy-clappy gospel choir (reflecting the bride’s African-American heritage) broke new ground in Royal ceremonies, making it a celebration of diversity and modernity.

So, welcome to the fold, Meghan! Unlike the lovely but vulnerable Diana and the strangely likeable but less socially erudite Fergie, she is tough enough to survive the majestic minefield.

She and Harry seem like a good match too.

Even so, she’s going to need all the luck she can get.

PS I’ll try to keep quiet for a while now. You must be all sick to death of me!

CM Langan

Sheffield, S8

Norah ‘ruled’ Pond Street

Reading the letter from bus driver JD Arnold also brought back memories as a bus conductress in the 1960s.

I needed the loo between 4.30 - 5.00 am when toilets were kept open all night.

There was a character called Norah who used to walk round Pond Street bus station and used to sleep in the toilets. All you could see was her feet sticking out.

I used the loo and flushed it and she shouted ‘you noisy so and so!’.

A few days later I went down again, but I did not flush it and she shouted ‘you dirty so and so!’

Mrs S Deamer

Sheffield, S8

Who’s next on high street?

What’s happening to our high street?

Marks and Spencer’s are now struggling and I never thought that would happen to this insitution.

I don’t buy my clothes from there as I am not quite ready for the things they sell yet.

But as for their food, I go in most days, although I never wander around the shop.

Years ago we never had so much choice so Marksies or C&A were the port of call and look what happened to them!

Wonder who will be next?

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

City centre improvement

Fitzalan Square in Sheffield city centre will look fantastic and a big improvement when it is finished. That’s when the council, which seems to be dragging its heels, gets on with the job.

So get the lads out with their picks and shovels and get things moving before King Edward VII has you sent to the Tower.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14

Harry joins Queen’s herd

Prince Harry has now got a new title, The Duke of Sussex.

The Queen owns the largest herd of Sussex cows in the world.

I am sure the Queen has Yorkshire puddings with her roast beef for her Sunday dinner.

Eddie Peart

Broom Crescent, Rotherham, S60