Graves Park was gifted to the people

Cobnar cottage
Cobnar cottage
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Unfortunately, I was not shocked to read in the Sheffield Telegraph that the Labour Council have finally admitted that they might sell off more of our parks.

When Cobnar Cottage was sold off in January, local Liberal Democrats said that this was the thin end of the wedge and that this would lead to more of our precious park land being sold off into private hands.

Labour denied this and said we were exaggerating, but here we have Labour admitting the council has not ruled out converting further ‘liabilities’, similar to the cottage.

Graves Park and Cobnar Cottage were gifted to the people of Sheffield by Alderman JG Graves to be used as park land in perpetuity, not just until our Labour councillors decide they’re a liability.

Some 12,000 people signed the petition to stop the sale of Cobnar Cottage and the Labour council did not listen.

That’s 12,000 people who would disagree with the Labour Council’s assessment that Cobnar Cottage was a ‘liability’. I will be requesting that Labour make public the list of so-called ‘liabilities’ that could be sold off in future at the next council meeting, so the people of Sheffield can judge whether they agree with their assessment. The Liberal Democrats have a clear record when it comes to protecting our parks.

We have a full commitment that not one blade of Sheffield council parkland will be sold off under our control.

In May the people of Sheffield have a choice, they can choose Labour, and allow Sheffield’s wonderful parks to continue to be sold off or they can choose the Liberal Democrats, who will protect our parks and open green spaces for future generations to enjoy.

Coun. Penny Baker

Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Parks and Neighbourhoods