Graffiti is everywhere

cleaning up the Parkway Estate - example of graffitti
cleaning up the Parkway Estate - example of graffitti
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When is this vandalism going to stop?

I’m talking about the amount of graffiti that is covering every wall, shops etc. and now even in the new market. It’s everywhere. The wall behind the train station is a disgrace. What do visitors boarding the Supertram think?

Years ago, another idiot ‘tagging’ the city centre got a jail sentence for this crime (remember?).

I bet the graffiti ‘artists’ can’t wait for the new building at the top of The Moor to be finished (a prime target).

Must we wait until the Town Hall is covered in this ‘art’ before the council venture out to see what long term damage is being done to our once proud city.

PS Do the people doing this damage come out in the night like other vermin?

T Jackson

Once proud Sheffielder

So much sport, I’m exhausted

I am absolutely exhausted after watching much of the recent exciting sport on television. It made me ponder the relevant virtue of competition versus co-operation.

Just devoting one’s life to beating each other sounds a little bit too Tory for me.

That said, I have taken decades to arrive at the following conclusion: Life is always slippy-slidey, only death is neat and tidy.

It is being philosophical that keeps me going.

Max Nottingham


Two letters

Kevin Hanson’s letter about Sheffield and Syrian refugees was well informed, sensible and humane (August 23).

Michael Parker’s letter about the Labour leadership election was all too typical of comments from both sides. I did not vote for Jeremy Corbyn last year and will not do so this year. However, I resent being told that I should go to my ‘natural Conservative home’. I have been a member of the Labour Party for 46 years and worked hard in elections to get Labour candidates elected because it Labour councils and governments make the difference, not mass rallies.

Geoff Smith