Goodbye and good riddance

David Cameron
David Cameron
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I was fascinated to hear that following his humiliating resignation as our Prime Minister back in June David Cameron has now decided to resign as a Westminster MP.

His announcement coincided at the same time as two news stories that were circulating highlighted how his ideologically driven austerity policies devastated communities and the lives of people across Britain increasing inequality and poverty.

Both stories make it abundantly clear that the results of his six years tenure reducing working people’s rights and weakening regulation whilst doggedly sticking to a failing ideologically driven neoliberal economic policy has seen the mighty rich watch their wealth double whilst millions of others struggle to make ends meet.

Whilst the Tories wallowed in Cameron’s achievements and the accolades flowed in his direction I have to say it made me puke.

His record will go down in history as the premier who wielded the axe on massive welfare cuts that brought misery to millions, relentless attacks on our NHS, and vital public services. What happened to his pledge to leave behind the “Nasty Party” Tory image?

David Cameron’s final epitaph must surely be: Brexit.

He gambled that by calling a referendum this would crush the long standing divisions both within and outside of his party relating to membership of the European Union. This as we all know in a spectacular fashion backfired on him and has left our nation divided.

It’s good-bye and good-riddance from me Mr Cameron, I shall never forget you and your famous long lasting words that: “We are all in this together”.

John Yale

High Green