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Having tried to phone Amey and been put on hold and told there is a high volume of calls please go on line to make a report.

I decided to take advantage of the situation and it looks like I should get a good crop of ’taters this year. Do you think this is the best use of the most blocked drain in Sheffield?

Lee Richardson

Handsworth Rd, S9

Local history is alive

Firstly I’d like to say how pleased I am with your coverage of local community events. As a retired teacher and lifelong member of the National Union of Teachers, it was good to see your coverage of the “People’s March for Education”.

However, you missed out some significant local facts about why it was happening. The aim was to celebrate the life of the first female president of the NUT worked at the old Heeley Bank School and it was due to end in Nottingham, the home of the last female president of the NUT. Context is important in local coverage.

As a retired teacher who started their thirty seven year teaching career at Heeley Bank, I have a personal interest in this, as might so many of my ex-pupils.

Education has always been a concern in our area and I have to add that it’s sad to see the oldest school building in Heeley, built post 1800, when Nelson was still alive, falling into decay. This is opposite Gleadless Co-op. This like Heeley Bank and Anne’s Grove (Road) are iconic and gems in our community. Heeley and its’ schools have a proud historic record. All I ask is that you do a bit more local research when you publish an article. Local history is alive in the present and frames the future. In conclusion I have to admit that with your more detailed local coverage I buy the Star on a regular basis.

Jim Lewis

by email

Veterans parade

Sheffield Armed Forces Day will be on Saturday, June 17, with interesting displays and events from 11am to 4pm, along Fargate and dancing in the Peace Gardens.

Included in the attractions will be George Formby and Winston Churchill lookalike. Ex-servicemen, reservists, cadets and the their standard bearers are again invited to take part in the Veterans Parade - in front of the new Lord Mayor, Anne Murphy.

Please note that the parade will form up in Norfolk Row at 11.30 to march to the Peace Gardens with must provided by Woodhouse Prize Band. However, veterans no longer able to march may start from St. Paul’s Parade, (next the Peace Gardens), and use the chairs provided. The theme for this years Parade is “35 years since the Falklands Conflict and the 20 killed on HMS Sheffield.” After the short service, entertainment will commence, mainly with Ashby Big Band. I hope many citizens will attend.

Vince McDonagh

by email

Sheffield Heritage Fair

Saturday and Sunday, September, 16 and 17, 2017 will see the revival of what was the popular Sheffield History/Heritage Fair.

By kind permission of Museums Sheffield this will be held in the Millenium Galleries here in the Heart of the City with all its facilities and is free of charge. It will be the first time in many years that an event of this size showcasing the real Champions of Sheffield’s Heritage - the volunteers who make up the Friends Groups who promote and thus do what they can to protect the city’s Heritage.

2017 will be a pivotal year as regards Sheffield’s ever at risk Heritage.

Please support the Heritage Fair and all those enthusiastic Sheffielders who are coming together in the common cause of Sheffield Heritage not just in this intiative but others that are in the making.

Ron Clayton


Eastern Jobcentre closure

Congratulations to the Star for covering the important issue of the proposed closure of Eastern Avenue Job Centre. I joined its staff and many supporters on the picket line.

Up to 7,000 people rely on this centre, and the alternative of having to travel into town - expensively by bus or with a long, hilly trek on foot - is simply not going to be possible for some of them, particularly those who are ill, have disabilities, or small children.

It’s unreasonable to expect someone to have to push a buggy from the centre of town to Manor Top for every visit

Job Centres should be in communities, close to where people live, so all of these closures are disturbing. But the topography of Sheffield makes Eastern Avenue a particularly special case. Whoever forms next government, they must keep this centre open.

Natalie Bennett

Sheffield Green Party

Denture trouble

My penniless friend on the Langsett Estate suffered a financial blow last week: her denture snapped in two, in the middle of her breakfast!

The two NHS alternatives she enquired about were not suitable; the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital were unable to just supply a replacement and the dental practice my friend was registered with could only offer a mid-June appointment.

They did, however, mention an appliance repairer, (on the Wicker), whom I visited, at the back of the chemist and up a slippery fire escape! My friend had decided she didn’t fancy subsisting on bread and milk or mushroom soup for a month, so she went ahead.

Just to glue back the denture cost £60 and there was no guarantee or warranty offered. It is thus touch and go whether my friend’s denture can hold out until mid-June. I’ve warned her to avoid crunchy food.

This story shows what probably lies ahead if the Tories have control of our NHS for the next five years, so be warned!

S Rawlins


School reunion

I am organising a school reunion this July for pupils who started at Thornbridge School, Birley, in September 1961 and took their GCE “O” levels in 1965, or “A” levels in 1967. Our last reunion was 22 years ago and we all had a great time.

Some friends are helping me to track down the names on the list we have. We have been quite successful in contacting 63 people so far but still have about 38 yet to track down.

If you were in this school year and haven’t been contacted yet by Elise Caunt, Glenda Robinson or Val Townsend, we would like to hear from you.

You can email us, (using our married names), at, or, then we can pass on the rest of the details.

Elise Timmins (nee Caunt)

by email

I’d like to see you again Pat

Could Pat, who I met outside Wilko at Darnall last Tuesday, give me a call? I would like to see you again if you would like to go for a drink at Asda or Meadowhall.