Glad to see the back of them

Julie Dore
Julie Dore
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Like Name and address supplied, (January 29), and Alan Marshall, (February 1), I too would be glad to see the back of Julie Dore, Councillor Fox, David Caulfield and John Mothersole from the council.

There’s no forward thinking, no organisation and no action.

They don’t listen to the electorate, only the minority.

This is very poor housekeeping.

I am a Labour supporter, nut I am so sick of their incompetence, I no longer vote at local elections.

These councillors are a disgrace to our city. They are an insult and an embarrassment to right-minded Sheffielders. Sheffield is lagging badly behind Leeds and Manchester.

I would like to see the back of them like Liverpool was glad to see the back of Derek Hatton and his loony left cronies back in the 1980s. Since then, Liverpool has turned itself around and is now a popular tourist destination. The city is being run by a proactive Labour council.

I would like to see this lot removed from high office at the Town Hall and replaced with wise people, making wise decisions from the top, spending council taxpayers’ money on common sense projects and making Sheffield a city to be proud of.

A disgusted Sheffield Labour supporter

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