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Now I know as an Owls fan, home and away, that Mr Chanciri has spent a lot of money in S6 but how much more is he going to squeeze these fans as he called us, the hard workers of Sheffield?

Well these hard working people of Sheffield are quickly running out of money, I refer to the price of the so called super/exclusive/one off programmes, now priced at not £3 but £5, come on Mr Chansiri give us a break, we’re not made of money like some.

John Vintin

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Time for a change

I do not think it is a matter of Sheffield Wednesday failing to gain promotion but consider them to have being relegated as that is what it feels like to me. I have been led to believe our squad of players was good enough, so why did we fail for the second time of asking? We didn’t even get to the final this time.

Time for change at Hillsborough, especially the players, despite the sports media hype that overrate these so called “prima-donna stars” and most are there for the money and are happy to move on when it suits, they have no emotion for the club or the city.

Half the city will now be in a state of real depression and I wish those players could feel the way I do at the moment.



Nasty party are still here

More elderly people, the vulnerable, will have to pay for their own social care in the home and lose universal benefits under a new Conservative policy which, Theresa May says, is difficult but necessary to tackle the crisis in funding.

Introducing the party’s election manifesto, she says it is the “responsibility of leaders to be straight with people about the challenges ahead” as she unveils a controversial policy that would reduce the value of estates that many people hope to pass on to their children.

The policy will be a flagship measure in the Tories’ election manifesto, which the prime minister will pitch as a programme for solving some of the challenges facing Britain. It means wealthier people, wealthier? With more than £100,000 in assets will have to pay for their own elderly care out of the value of their homes, rather than relying on the council to cover the costs of visits by care workers. So! Her and her ‘nasty party’ are saying is this “those ordinary working class people who have paid most in and happen to have worked hard to buy their own homes will now pay more once again for doing just that”. Not her friends the bankers and multi-millionaires, some on her front bench, who have not the slightest idea of life here in the North but yet again the ordinary working class people who did not sit on their hands but worked hard to own their own property, for what? To allow the ‘nasty party’ to steal from them? Vote Tory? You must be joking, never, ever. The ‘nasty party’ are obviously still here.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

A direct influence

I was horrified but unsurprised to read in the Star, City pays high price for ‘invisible killer, (May 15, 2017), that Ecclesall appears on the worst air polluted list. This seems to be particularly the situation around Books on the Park, (S11 8TG), and Ecclesall Fisheries where readings were taken during January and February 2017.

I believe that the felling of a healthy, large canopy tree right near those two business, where Rustlings Road meets Ecclesall Road, in November 2016, will have had a direct influence. The tree was around 115 years old and had at least another 150 years to live. It was primarily felled, along with six other mature trees during the same pre-dawn raid on Rustlings, because someone in Sheffield City Council decided that they wouldn’t use the alternative specifications like smaller kerbs, flexible-paving or ramping already costed for in the 2.2 billion pound PFI project Streets Ahead, which is being delivered by private contractor Amey. Now, there are over a dozen similar large canopy trees noticed for felling on Ecclesall Road for similar reasons, with the same solutions available to retain them and which will no doubt have a similar impact if allowed to be felled. Volunteers have started a Facebook page to try to save these trees called Save Ecclesall Road Trees (SERT) and people can also join the ongoing citywide Facebook page for STAG (Sheffield Tree Action Groups). Delilah the tree that used to be at the end of Rustlings Road, opposite Ecclesall Fisheries.

Louise Wilcockson

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Responsible spending

Passing through Sheffield centre lately as the redevelopment is underway, and seeing that some businesses have had to either relocate or just close down! Certainly shows Sheffield Council have carefully thought about all the centre redevelopment carefully... or have they? I think not!

What strikes me is spending public funds on city centre upgrade is ok in principle. However I though public funds needed to be spent in a responsible way? Am I wrong on this point?

If Sheffield Council really wants the city centre to be vibrant and attractive then it is time to “Stop Making Excuses” and get something done about vagrants in shop doorways, street beggars, (I don’t mean Big Issue sellers), and the awful stench of urine that is easily smelt within the city centre, doorways and side streets like the ones by Central Health Clinic!

Come on Sheffield Council include that in your plans to make the city attractive and vibrant. Not just half the job!


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Made in Sheffield

At last! Some pride in Sheffield made products!

Many years ago I worked for Wm. Grant & son on Arundel street, they made quality cutlery, as most of the Sheffield cutlers did.

My years at Wm Grant & son were very happy, they were lovely people to work for.

I am still using a set given to me as a wedding present 57years ago.

Looking around at the cutlery on offer these days,I wouldn’t touch it.

The last set I looked at was rubbish from abroad, it wouldn’t have cut butter.

If you want quality cutlery, make sure it WAS made in Sheffield.

Maureen Keeton

by email

Winter fuel allowance

Some time ago, Charles Ellis, S8, wrote to The Star regarding “Expats winter fuel allowance”.

Now that the government wants to means-test this allowance, then the PM or Labour should cancel this payment to expats living in countries like Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, France etc.

I wonder if the expats will still receive their PIPs?

All MPs take note.

K Spencer