Give the Old Town Hall due consideration

Sheffield's Old Town Hall
Sheffield's Old Town Hall
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I recently went to a very well attended Friends of the Old Town Hall meeting at the excellent Gardeners Rest pub at Neepsend, which is a prime example of ‘people power’.

This delightful public house has been saved from redevelopment by the sheer determination of the man/woman in the street who have proved it can be done.

The Old Sheffield Town Hall deserves similar treatment but before the wheels are set in motion for a commercial venture, it occurred to me that the new site for Sheffield’s Central Library is staring us all in the face.

A Grade II listed building on the periphery of the town centre in an area which is screaming out for a landmark building which will be the catalyst for regeneration.

I have been led to believe that the council have already dismissed this site without giving the Old Town Hall due consideration.

I would urge them to think again and give serious thought to this possibility.

Another candidate for a replacement library would be the Grade II listed Salvation Army Citadel on Pinstone Street which faces having its wonderful interior trashed for yet another unwanted and unnecessary retail unit.

I recently visited Liverpool’s Central Library which is quite breath-taking with its modern atrium and historic Picton Reading Room and wondered why Sheffield doesn’t have something similar.

We have two possible candidates staring us in the face, but then the powers that be cannot see it and their indifference is mystifying.

I would implore them to at least humour us and have a look at the possibilities of the regeneration of either of these two iconic buildings for the public benefit.

Howard Greaves

Chairman, Hallamshire Historic Buildings