Getting in the habit: There’s Nun so good as these Wet lads

Wet Nuns.
Wet Nuns.
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THEY are the Sheffield band who once told a packed out Leadmill a song was “about ladies parts” before unleashing a noise that sounded not unlike a nuclear arsenal being left off in a dustbin

Safe to say there were probably a few young men leaving the venue that night considering a life of celibacy.

Now, however, that band, the as-yet-unsigned Wet Nuns, are to give Liverpool and Leeds a good seeing to.

They have been selected to play two of the UK’s most prestigious new music festivals in a single weekend: Liverpool’s Sound City and Live At Leeds.

They will join a roster of some of the world’s best new groups playing venues across the two cities during the May Bank Holiday weekend.

“Are we looking forward to it?” says guitarist Rob Graham, 22. “Obviously. Festivals like that always have a special atmosphere. Playing two in a weekend will be fun. Liverpool especially should be great. There’s about 360 bands playing 25 places so we’ll hope to see a few.”

The two piece - Rob from Buxton and drummer Alexis Gotts, 31, of Fulwood - have caused a stir since forming in 2009.

They have since released three singles, played a whole host of incredible gigs and are set to release their self-titled debut album this autumn.