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The great British people have decided to leave the undemocratic and unelected bureaucracy of the EU and decided that we can and will govern ourselves, as we did quite well previous to 1975.

The next step to overcome is the one ‘Jezza’ Corbyn has embarked upon which seems to be in trying to take back the Labour Party from the Blairites who have turned this same Labour Party into no more than second-class Tories.

While not agreeing with Corbyn on at least three of his policies his reasoning on many is ‘bang on’ and that is why he will walk the forthcoming leadership election.

If that then means all the Blairites resigning, good!

After all they totally ignore their constituents, apart from election time when they are quite happy to solicit our votes with promises to enable them to continue on the Westminster ‘gravy train’.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland,