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Fran Rivera and daughter.
Fran Rivera and daughter.
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Having set out to torture and kill bulls for a living, Francisco Rivera Ordóñez clearly believes hurting and killing others is inconsequential, proving it in spades this week when he added his own child to those whose very lives he plays with and showing that he is not fit to be a parent.

For a child, being forced to watch a bullfight can be traumatic.

In fact, the United Nation’s Committee on the Rights of the Child recommended that children not attend or participate in bullfighting events because of the extreme violence.

His decision to deliberately risk a baby’s life to gain attention for himself shows what this bullfighter is made of, and it’s not the same thing a good dad is made of.

He and all bullfighters are sociopaths who should be put out of business and put into therapy.

Calum Proctor

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