Get rid of deadbeats

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With the referendum in June we will now be bombarded with assorted politicians telling us how to vote and what a motley crew they are.

Sadly the oddballs and weirdos who make up the 500,000 members of the main parties out of a population of near 65 million have saddled us with posh millionaires, apologists for Islamic and IRA terrorists and a bloke who seeks out alleged paedophiles as long as they are Tory and dead .

In addition recently our political elite voted to ensure that if arrested their names will not be released to the press, so we will not know who is currently being investigated by the police for expense fiddles.

The trainee MPs who make up our council are not much better.

While Manchester and Leeds power along, Nottingham expands its tram system, Hull prepares for being the City of Culture,and even Bradford opens a new multimillion pound shopping centre, this city will be famous as the City of Sanctuary,where effigies of dead prime ministers are burnt and where a rerun of the battle of Orgreave is somehow a priority.

I think leaving the EU would at least get rid of one group of dead beat politicians if nothing else.

P Robb


Get some backbone

Old Dave’s back In Blighty after his shindig in Brussels, with zilch to please the natives.

One wonders why he went.

Perhaps he should resign and let someone with a bit more backbone take up the reins and make this country great again,.

It’s certainly not going to happen with old Dave.

EB Warris

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