Get real, we want a bus not advice

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First bus company
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I read Allan Riggall’s apology in Thursday’s Letters page regarding the non-running of the 56 bus on the Gleadless Valley Estate due to Amey taking a lifetime to do roadworks which I am doubtful will cure congestion at the junction of Blackstock Road and Gleadless Road.

Well Mr Riggall, you called the people that use your service customers, four times you used the term, but we are not customers, mate, we are passengers.

If we were customers we would have the option of using other modes of transport, ie different buses on the 56 route.

The 56 is the only bus we can use, well that is when it turns up, so I advise Mr Riggall to use his dictionary to determine the proper title for us – passengers.

It’s no good assuring us after the fact, a re-route should have been in place before the closing of the junction – the 252 did this, so why didn’t First?

The assurance given didn’t help the workers who stood at bus stops waiting for a bus that wasn’t going to turn up.

I bet they are pleased with your apology.

I fail to see what advice the customer services team could give – use a skateboard, scooter, roller skates, rim and stick?

Get real, we want a bus not advice.

I can’t wait for Amey to finish the work some time in 2020.

The Green Giant

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