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Well done to R Poulton for his letter, March 10.

He just about summed up what is wrong with the corrupt cesspit we call the EU.

The in/out referendum is just about the only promise Cameron has kept, and he only agreed to it, thinking he would not get a majority vote in the election, and would not have to keep his promise, as whoever he jumped into bed with to keep power, would not agree to a referendum.

He went to Europe, letting them know beforehand he had no intention of leaving, making it easy for these unelected, unaccountable, undemocratic Eurocrats, to give him what he asked for... nothing.

How on earth can we be governed by such people, and why should we waste millions which should be spent in this country?

I can see no valid reason whatsoever for staying in the EU.

Let’s get back to controlling this country as we see fit.

B Beal

by email