Game was ruined by people standing

Owls fans at Wembley..Pic Steve Ellis
Owls fans at Wembley..Pic Steve Ellis
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We have heard much praise for the support given to the team at Wembley by the 40,000 Wednesday fans who attended, but no-one has, until now, condemned the same fans for their flagrant disregard of the “No standing” ground regulations.

There were many elderly people with mobility problems, walking with sticks or crutches or needing the support of family members, who expected to be able to sit to watch the game in the superbly designed stadium.

However, they could not, because thousands of able-bodied people decided to stand in front of them for the whole 90 minutes.

Children had to stand on the seats to be able to see over the standing fans. Despite a procedure printed on the tickets, for reporting “standing”, the stewards were powerless to prevent it and so for a large number of people the day was ruined.

I don’t know what the answer is, certainly appealing to people’s better judgment is a waste of time.

Another area of complaint was the volume level of the PA system. Because of the roof the stadium is almost like being in a closed box and the resultant sound is horrendous and at times painful. That of course is under the control of the staff but they seem not to want to adjust the sound to a reasonable level.

If Wednesday feature in a play-off game again next year, I shall not be going, (unless I can get a seat on the front row with no-one in front of me and I can get some ear plugs).


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