Furious backlash over pro-EU leaflet

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I am writing to express my deep concern over the taxpayer-funded £9 million pro-EU propaganda leaflet ordered by David Cameron, for distribution throughout the UK.

After a furious backlash over the 16-page document, it now seems likely that ministers will be called to Parliament to answer an urgent question on this use of taxpayers’ money.

It is reported in the national press that a senior MP in the Brexit campaign has put down a request for the question and it is likely to be agreed by the Speaker.

David Cameron deserves praise for giving the people a referendum on the EU, something previous Conservative and Labour governments failed to do.

Promises were made in party manifestos and then reneged on when the party came into power.

While the Prime Minister deserves praise on one hand, he most certainly deserves condemnation on the other. He has authorised use of taxpayers’ money to pay for the pro-EU leaflet, forgotten his declaration that there should be a level playing field for both In and Out campaigns, and that the people should decide on the issue.

Both parties are raising funding from business and individual sources, so it is unfair and unjustified for the Prime Minister to authorise expenditure of this money.

By his action the level playing field has become very unbalanced. He has stated that the Government is not neutral in the matter, to justify publication and distribution of the leaflet. Members of Parliament have not been consulted prior to publication.

Many Brexit supporters in his own and other political parties, and in the general public, are strongly opposed to this misuse of taxpayers’ money.

Rather than receiving such a politically one- sided point of view, the voter would welcome facts and information from both In and Out parties set out side by side, so that they can be considered as an aid to people making their voting decision.

While I do not agree with the apparent dictatorial manner in which this leaflet has been published, I could have accepted use of taxpayers’ funding if the leaflet had set out the Brexit supporters facts, figures and comments alongside those of the pro-EU camp.

This would considerably help people to digest the arguments of both sides, examine their conscience, and vote accordingly.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, S5