From a distance estate looks great

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EB Warris’s view of Gleadless Valley is quite different to what I and other residents see.

He may see new roofs which should have been put in place when the valley was planned, and it may look like a demi-paradise from his lofty view, but at ground level it’s bad.

Properties with curtains never drawn back for years on end and rags and bed sheets put up in place, windows never cleaned, rubbish thrown everywhere, mattresses, fridges and washers dumped anywhere.

Gardens turned into dumping grounds, the nearby woods ruined for other people by bikers, dogs, the must-have accessory, leaving their deposits everywhere, the owners having no intention of picking it up (you do see responsible owners).

Mr Warris mentions the refurbished interiors. Most tenants who received this upgrade really love the finished article, but once again, certain factions don’t deserve just what they have.

Windows smashed, graffiti starting to take a foothold, grass verges turned into quagmires by car owners who don’t give a damn about the damage they do.

It’s the “I’ll park anywhere” syndrome, because they don’t want to walk more than a few yards from their front doors to their cars.

In fact, some of these car owners park right outside their front doors so it’s just one step into their homes.

As Nancy Griffiths sings: “From a distance, there’s harmony and it echoes through the land, it’s a voice of peace”.

But on Gleadless Valley it isn’t like that. It does look great from a distance, but not close up.

Vin Malone

by email