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HMS Sheffield
HMS Sheffield
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The Royal Navy is to build new Type 26 frigates. They will be named after cities and the first one will be HMS Glasgow.

Any chance that the city council might apply to the Royal Navy to have a frigate named ‘Sheffield’?

Pete Childe, ex RN


My hour of need

Please, could I use your page to say a big thank you for the kindness of four people I haven’t met, but who helped me in my “hour of need”?

It’s the early hours of Tuesday morning, (August 1), and I’m in pain. I couldn’t walk, get out of bed, turn over, and couldn’t stop crying I was in so much pain, (my leg couldn’t move). So my husband, having watched this for two hours, dialled 111 and Rob talked him through some questions, calmed my husband, then spoke to me, informing me that an ambulance was on its way.

And what an ambulance crew, two women and a gentleman, and from that moment the care and patience I was given were second to none. I remember their calm, confident voices talking me through all I needed to do. They are a credit to the ambulance service. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of the ambulance crew, so could I please use your page to say thank you. It doesn’t seem enough for the help and comfort/care they gave me.

A few days on, the leg, (and me), are still in pain, but “getting there”, feeling positive. Where would “we” be without these amazing people I dread to think, so look after them, treat them with care, because you never know when it’s your turn for their help. Once again, thank you - thank you from the minute you came to my flat and eased my pain to when you left me at A&E. Amazing!

PS The staff and doctors at the Rotherham A&E were super also, it’s just that your page isn’t long enough for me to go on - I hope you understand.

Catherine Earnshaw


Scourge of dog fouling

Your feature in Tuesday’s Star on dog fouling and the particular problem that MDS Falcons face in clearing up dog mess on their three football pitches on Reignhead Farm Fields, Beighton is one faced in all of Sheffield’s green spaces.

The Friends of Greenhill Park are due to hold their annual community festival this Sunday and expect a record number of visitors. This year, as in all previous nine years, we will have volunteers out on Saturday spending around four hours each to clear the dog muck and other litter to make the park a safer and cleaner place on Sunday.

The risks to health and the unpleasant tasks of removal from footwear and clothing arising from contact with dog pooh are well understood by responsible dog owners but presumably not by the minority who make no attempt to clear the mess left by their dogs.

The amount of dog mess often seems less just after grass cutting but worryingly the health risks increase as the mess is scattered around the area in smaller less visible pieces. When speaking to one of the Council’s grass cutting team about this he said he was at least protected from the ‘spray’ when in his tractor cab using the large cutting machines but that was not the case when using the smaller sit on mowers. He and his colleagues were often ‘sprayed ‘by flying dog muck and dreaded mowing areas where they knew the problem to be more acute.

The Friends of Greenhill Park have raised dog fouling issues with the council over the years but the response has always been that they do not have the resources to tackle the problems and issue the fines that might deter some of the worse offenders. It is rather ironic that for many years the council had a similar attitude to litter but over the last two years they have been more pro-active in enforcement and the fining and shaming of offenders in your newspaper has had a positive impact in cleaning up our streets. I hope your newspaper features encourages Sheffield Council to think again on their response to the scourge of dog fouling but the cynic in me suggests they will continue to largely ignore the problem.

Harry Hunter

The Friends of Greenhil Park, Co-Organiser Lowedges Festival

Parkway break down

I am writing to say a big thank you to the people who came to my assistance on Monday, August 7, on the Parkway slip road at Handsworth roundabout when I broke down. The woman in a yellow car behind me got out and asked me if I was ok. Then a young guy pushed me down Handsworth Road so I would be in a safe place. The AA man was lovely he was really nice. He got my car going so I could get it home to get it repaired. Once again thank you.


by email

Thank a Teacher

I am writing to encourage people in Sheffield to celebrate a teacher who encouraged, inspired or supported them during their school years. Teachers often work one-to-one with pupils, ensuring they receive all the support they need to succeed. Yet, as schoolchildren we often don’t take time to thank our teachers, or realise the encouragement they provide and the lasting impact they can have.

We have now launched a national campaign to give teachers the praise they deserve. Please get involved and say thanks to a teacher with a Tweet or Instagram post, copying in the hashtag #thankateacher. You can also send a thank you card to a teacher in the post for free and they will be nominated for this year’s Pearson Teaching Awards. Find out more here This initiative is part of the NCTL’s Get Into Teaching campaign. There is still time for graduates and potential career changers in Sheffield to apply now to start teacher training this September.

Roger Pope

Chair of the National College for Teaching and Leadership

Stressful ordeal

I had to write and add my voice to Mr Ougle’s plea for better facilities for shoppers. Maybe supermarkets with conveyer belts and trolleys have spoilt us but I have to say I too find it difficult to pack up my shopping and pay for it in smaller shops these days. Some lovely assistants take my bag and pack my shopping into it just as they used to do when they provided the bags but this is a very rare occurrence.

Space is generally at a premium and there is nowhere to rest my handbag whilst I hunt out the bag and my purse and cash or card. Then halfway through the packing procedure I am handed my change and a receipt, often three times longer than it need be, which I somehow have to stuff back into an already bulging purse and stow that away with one hand, whilst the assistant and lengthening queue watch my struggles. I am so glad it is not only me that finds this a stressful ordeal and if there is to be a petition to address this problem for harassed shoppers I will gladly add my name.

J Allinson

by email

Winding down

I must say on having a wonderful pot of tea and a freshly baked piece of cake in a clean and inviting John Lewis cafeteria with obliging staff, I found it a welcome and relaxing time to wind down after a pleasant time spent shopping in the store.

EB Warris

by email