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Concord Park
Concord Park
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The recent arson carried out in Concord Park at the Bowling Pavilion has brought about the final ending for a building that has suffered acts of vandalism over the years. The Parks and Countryside department of the SCC cannot escape its part in this demise.

Years ago, when the bowling greens were match quality and played host for many matches (I can remember crowds turning up to watch these matches) Concord bowling team requested many times to have the area fenced due to acts of vandalism.

All other Sheffield parks have their greens and pavilions protected this way, but the Concord plea was constantly turned down.

Vandalism was on the increase, so the Concord Bowling team felt no other course of action was left but to leave Concord Park having seen the greens deteriorate and the bowling pavilion a constant target.

To try and save the pavilion the Friends group together with Sanctuary Housing cleaned and painted the building, there followed a very successful Art in the Park weekend.

Schools in the community had been visited to talk about the theme of the weekend.

The pavilion was used to display the local school children’s art and craft work, with further sessions held for visitors.

Activities were held at different location around the park.

The Friends group saw a future for the pavilion, in that we could hold other community events.

It was agreed that one room in the building would be used by the parks department, this meant that the building would be in daily use.

But unfortunately the following winter we had a severe frost and as the water had not been turned off and the tank drained, it burst. The parks department decided that they would not repair the damage so that left the building unusable, in consequence opportunities have been lost to hold events.

Over the years the cost to parks deptartment of having to make safe acts of vandalism, would have paid for the fencing request turned down years ago, and the park would still have a valuable asset!

M Shipley

Friends of Concord Park