Forgotten Garry Road

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I agree with everything Richard Crisp said in his letter in The Star but he forgot that Garry Road is also part of those works in Hillsborough. I think it has always been the forgotten road, as years ago when roads and pavements were resurfaced Garry Road was not included.

This time we have had the pavements dug up and a rough surface put down. The notices that are posted with dates on are ridiculous. Every day we had problems knowing which roads we could use to access our properties.

On Friday the notice said no parking, no waiting, March 21 for four days, later in the morning it was amended to 21st for eight days and then shortly after lunchtime the sign had disappeared.

So when will they come back to complete the pavement surface? That is anyone’s guess.


Garry Road resident

Punching above its weight

Sheffield was more of a ‘major’ city back in the ’60s and ’70s, its bus fares and Christmas illuminations were the envy of the rest of the country. The choice of shops was terrific, Schofields/Cockaynes, Walshs/Rackhams, Robert Brothers, Redgates, Suggs, B&G to name only a few.

Unfortunately, smaller towns and cities have overtaken Sheffield for retail choice, transport links and value.

As with the two football teams, complacency, plus a lack of investment has left the trophy room very bare.

There was a big hurrah when ‘a major store located to the city’ – this was Primark, not Selfridges or Harvey Nicks.

The heart of the city has been ripped out and replaced with anonymous featureless buildings.

To me, Sheffield, together with its two football teams, will always be playing ‘catch-up’, not just in the region, but also with the rest of the country; a city with a village mentality always trying to punch above its weight.

Ivor Shell

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They should be remembered

Reading Frank Donnelly’s letter brought back memories of my old friends the Redfearns.

They had a shop on London Road where we used to go to school. They then made their fateful move to Southey Hill, which ended with the whole family being killed by German bombs.

It was said that many people ran out of their houses and ended up being blown up.

For many years the names of the victims were printed in The Star.

I’m glad you wrote because they should be remembered.

Freda France

Mason Lathe Road, Shiregreen

It’s getting embarrassing

Sheffield City Council seem intent on making things worst for themselves regarding the felling of trees around the city. It’s getting quite embarrassing.

The public are not on their side, you can’t really go up against a local hero like Jarvis Cocker and come out on top, and their latest sham survey couldn’t even turn the tables.

Surely it’s time to just give in?

Sheffield – Forever green (and Red)!

Jordan Lee Smith

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Parking charges

If you own a vehicle don’t moan about parking charges and looking around for free parking when you have probably spent thousands on purchasing the vehicle.

So what is a few quid to park in a designated car park instead of sticking it in a back street?

If you can’t afford to pay parking charges, get rid of the car and take comfortable and affordable public transport, it’s a no-brainer,

EB Warris

by email

The Hunger Games?

While I empathise with Mr and Mrs White of Handsworth (Saturday, March 25: “We want to see trees cut down on our street”), but with respect, they are everyone’s trees.

Certain parties in Sheffield City Council have made a grand job of creating divisions by postcode and district in our city that the writer of The Hunger Games would admire, through the distribution of their so-called tree surveys.

We should not be setting postcode against postcode, district against district, neighbour against neighbour.

The trees belong to all of us and what we do outside our house, on our road and in our area, affects everyone.

Trees provide the air we breath, vital biodiversity, help to offset flooding and reduce our city’s NHS bill. It is estimated to cost NHS Sheffield £160 million a year due to lost work days connected to air pollutant illnesses, conditions and treatments.

Nor is the choice between whether to keep an undulating pavement or fell a healthy street tree, as often seems to be suggested as the only choice by Sheffield City Council’s Streets Ahead and their contractor Amey.

As always in life, there are many choices available to the Council and their contractor. These alternative choices include using flexible paving, smaller kerbs, ramping, built-out kerbs and more, all costed for in the £2 billion Streets Ahead contract.

Of course, the long overdue tree and woodland strategy, that SCC promised, would have helped to anticipate these problems and stop such obfuscation and confusions. We look forward to seeing it soon.

Louise Wilcockson


Getting nowhere

It’s about time UKIP packed up as they will get nowhere.

Farage speaks against the financiers and for the little people who are ignored, but he himself was a financier, staunch supporter of Thatcher who constantly attacked the little people.

It’s about time they came clean on their true immigration policy as they are pro-immigration.

The only votes they get are from disgruntled old Labour and a few Tory voters. Just like the SDP in the early 80s, UKIP, if they pack up, can go back to the Tories.

S Ellis