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As a local charity, we were saddened to read the article in last week’s paper regarding the increasing demise of working men’s clubs across our region.

Over the last three years, working men’s clubs in particular have been actively involved in the work of Weston Park Cancer Charity and we have seen first hand how the sense of community present in these establishments helps to engage local residents in charitable work.

Three years ago, the cancer charity created an initiative to engage specifically with the working men’s clubs so that those affected by cancer in our region were able to fundraise together in a community environment.

To date, the campaign, called For One Night Only, has raised £45,231.03 with 46 clubs across the region taking part in fundraising events to support their local cancer hospital, Weston Park Hospital.

We have been moved by the generosity and dedication of the individuals associated with the working men’s clubs and believe the closure of so many venues across our region will ultimately have a detrimental effect on vital fundraising within the heart of the community.

We can only hope that the importance of these clubs is recognised and acted upon before it is too late.

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Tina Harrison

Deputy Director