For goodness sake live and let live

Spearmint Rhino.
Spearmint Rhino.
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I am a man and I have passed Spearmint Rhino a few times when I have been on a bus, but I have never been inside the club. I never will go into the club, but not because I have any complaint about it being there. It just isn’t my thing at my age.

It says outside that it is a Gentlemen’s Club, and under normal circumstances I would have assumed it was something like the nearby Genting Club, which seems to be a casino. I have never seen anything outside the club that could be offensive to anyone passing. The only reason I know anything about Spearmint Rhino is because what I assume to be the feminists and their ilk, complain about it every time the club’s licence comes up for renewal. They have given the club more publicity in their efforts to close it down, than the club has ever received through its own publicity.

Sheffield has an estimated population of almost 700,000, and yet there are only 97 objections to the club getting a new licence. It’s possible that some of those 97 are the same people sending more than one letter. The tiny minority is once again trying to impose its views on others, and our council are wasting their time by taking it seriously. To describe the area the club is in as vibrant part of the city centre is a bit over the top, too. There’s a cinema, a café, a few small businesses and the Students Union, (the old Music Museum), but it’s hardly central or particularly vibrant.

Finally, there’s a bit of hypocrisy going on too. In the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even today, there were single male strippers and groups working to a mainly female audience. In the past even members of my own family have been to these shows, and they were, and probably still are, far more rowdy than I would anticipate the clients at Spearmint Rhino are.

I have been to collect family members from these venues in the past, and believe me you could hear the screaming, whooping and shouting women from a mile away. No one ever told a working men’s club, or a theatre that they couldn’t have male strippers, and the council never told the venues they had to cover up their signs during the day. If the clients in Spearmint Rhino behave themselves, and the ladies working there are happy, what is the problem?

For goodness sake live and let live, before the minority wipe out every bit of pleasure that someone else likes, but they don’t.