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British minister for business
British minister for business
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When the great and good of Sheffield attend the Cutlers’ Feast in May, they may like to take time out to chat to their guest, the Minister for Business.

They could start by pointing out that Sheffield could do without the loss of 200 Civil Service jobs in the Department of Business that are directly under his scope, and maybe lobby him to keep those jobs here.

They could point out that wages are higher in London, and office space more expensive, so they could ask how can he justify the move on “cost” grounds, especially as the private company that suggested moving the jobs back down south was paid £200,000.

They could point out that there are a further 400, reasonably well paid,cCouncil jobs in Sheffield, and a further 200 in Rotherham plus the Civil Service jobs to be lost, on top of the hundreds that have gone already in this area.

They could point out the businesses in Sheffield and Rotherham are not producing that number of vacancies or jobs with those reasonably good salaries.

After all, this Government keeps banging on about how many jobs have been created in the private sector since they came to power.

So, maybe the leaders of our private sector companies, who are not creating vacancies at a rate that matches the job losses, could ask him, “where are these new jobs?”

They could also tell him that if people keep losing their jobs at this rate they will cost more in benefits and Job Seeker’s Allowance than is being saved, and that people having much less money in their pockets will eventually have an adverse effect on the very businesses he is meeting that night.

I won’t hold my breath that the great and good will raise any of these points, They will be too busy fawning around him, while they eat a no doubt sumptious meal and quaff top quality wine.

Besides, knowing this arrogant Government, he wouldn’t listen anyway.

S Collins

by email