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Not so long ago I sent this letter(below) to you but it was not published as far as I know.

This was about Sheffield Wednesday strike Fernando Forestieri but these football agents are the parasites of sport and are milking the game and ultimately the fans.

It is in an agent’s interest and profit to move players around clubs as it creates a fee for them, so it is not unreasonable to suggest they advise players to move from a club, their agent having already broached the move to the other club

It is about time the FA stopped footballers and, more importantly, their agents talking to other clubs about players under contract without written permission from the player’s club.

The media could do a lot by highlighting this practice.

Players who behave like Forestieri should be left out of the squad until the end of the season, then maybe they will think twice about this sort of disloyalty.

Not playing first- team football for a season is a greater punishment from which players may never recover from a match fit point of view.