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Carrier bags
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Regarding EB Warris’ letter in The Star on Tuesday, March 8: whilst I agree with the amount of plastic carrier bags which are now not being used, I can’t help feeling like a criminal when walking out of a shop after purchasing goods, even though I carry my own bags in which to place them.

In particular departmental stores after buying personal items ie. clothes, perfume, shoes, makeup etc.

Yes I know we have the receipts as proof of purchase but it still makes me feel that something is not quite right.

I really do begrudge being charged 5p per carrier bag used in each store.

I do feel we should have bags for life when purchasing food at supermarkets that stands to reason but I also think it is disgraceful that the major departmental stores like John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, House of Fraser and Debenhams have not yet had adequate time to convert to supplying paper carrier bags free of charge.

Are they making a profit on these carriers, as I understand they cost only 1p to produce?

If Primark and Oasis etc can do it, then why can’t they?

There is nothing more uplifting than walking out of a ‘posh’ shop having purchased something new in a fancy carrier bag displaying my purchase and advertising the store it was bought from, rather than searching for my own in a handbag at the counter and feeling like a second rate citizen.

Ann Dawson

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