Flying the flag

A waning sign attached to a lamppost in Walkley
A waning sign attached to a lamppost in Walkley
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As regards the reported prevalence of unpleasant canine extrusions on our streets I think I may have the solution.

As a child back in the Fifties I suffered a similar problem with said feculent deposits regularly being transmitted from the grass verges into the house via my shoes.

My mother could never see the funny side of this and so, wearying of being scolded, I resolved to do something about it.

Remember those little paper flags that you bought at the seaside to decorate your sandcastles with?

Well I had some left over so I worked my way up and down the street planting a flag atop each dog pile.

This had the dual effect of warning off unwary pedestrians while also beautifying the grass verge. For anyone keen to follow my example however, a word of warning.

Our current humourless council may not see the merits of this approach and, viewing your little flags as litter, take the opportunity to replenish their coffers at your expense by slapping a fine on you.

Times change, unfortunately.

Gary Crosby

by email

There are no excuses

Where we live it’s pretty bad for dog poo – you cannot look up as you need the eyes peeled to the pavement at all times. The council came and put signs up but the dog owners round my way don’t give a monkey’s about the signs.

I tackled a man outside our house a few days ago.

“Are you picking that up?” I said.

“No,” he said. “Let me guess, you’re going to report me to the council. Go on, do it, but my mum is dying of cancer.”

“Very sorry about your mum, but that doesn’t stop you picking up the dog’s doings.”

Having a dog brings many responsibilities and cleaning up after it is one of those essential jobs.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Big stink over dog fouling

Dog’s sh...

It’s what they do.

On your shoes it sticks like glue;

On your pram wheels, on your bike,

Your mother says”you dirty tyke”.

Some dog owners do not care

They think it’s something we like to share.

Some carry bags and pick it up;

Some carry bags and have a look

To see if anyone is watching – then

They walk on by without a glance

Because they know getting fined there’s not a chance.

Some think that it is such a wheeze

To throw it up into the trees

Or throw it into any hedgerow

Do they think that it might grow?

If only those who have a dog

And couldn’t care where others trod

Would treat the streets and parks and paths

With respect for all the others who have to pass

What a cleaner brighter place would do

The places in Sheffield where their dogs do poo.

Anne Palmer

Richmond Road, Sheffield, S13

Cat poo problem too

Please, for the sake of impartiality, will you do a front page article on the city’s filthy cat mess problem?

This is rife, and worse than the dog problem, as it occurs in people’s private gardens outside their front doors.

Hilary Robinson

by email

Tracing the dog’s DNA

In Spain it is compulsory to have your dog chipped. So any dog dirt found is taken.

Then the DNA will trace them to the owner to get a hefty fine. Problem solved.

Grant Holland

by email

No one takes any notice

I live at Lodgemoor, own a dog and pick up after her every time.

The path that leads from Crimicar Lane to Spider Park playground is a disgrace with dog poo either on the path or in the edges.

Some even throw bags into the edge. We have two dog bins, one at the Blackbrook Road end and the other at the Crimicar Lane end. There is no excuse for this, but some let their dogs off leads and walk in front, taking no notice of what their dogs are doing.

Someone has put a small notice on the path telling owners to pick up, but no one will take any notice of that.

Name & address supplied

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It’s quite simple

In reply to B Wilkinson S10, my point is that these strip club workers want to show their bodies off to leering men and basically they can’t have “standards” at all.

Quite simply they love the attention and the power that they have over men plus the enormous amount of money that they earn for doing it.

Lee Johnson

by email

Time to get traffic moving

Isn’t it time Sheffield Highway department got the traffic moving again around the Royal Hallamshire Hospital?

I had an appointment last Tuesday at 10.30am. The traffic was gridlocked from the roundabout at Brook Hill exit towards the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The roadworks were still there that I saw last September when I visited the hospital. Traffic was all the way up to the hospital and it took forever to get to the car park. It’s an anxious time for people going for a hospital appointment without being stuck in traffic.

Others waiting said it’s been like it for months and some were late for their appointments. It must be even more of an anxious time for parents and children going to the Children’s Hospital.

Perhaps The Star ought to start a campaign to get roads moving and the quick removal of roadworks.

Roland Michael Fossett

by email

EU helped keep peace

The European Union has helped keep the peace in Europe for well over half a century. The breakup of the EU could undermine security in the region. Europe along with the poll tax were Margaret Thatcher’s downfall.



Long may they rain

I’ve just seen Manor Operatic Society’s stunning production of Singin’ in the Rain.


Only in the sense that they do it for love, the joy of their performance shines out from the stage as brightly as Broadway theatre lights.

The values and standards are professional, and if I’d seen them in the West End I’d have thought it well worth a London ticket price.

MOS is a Sheffield institution to be proud of.

Long may they rain!

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield, S35