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Princess Diana
Princess Diana
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Oh how I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at Charles and Camila’s house the night Diana’s documentary was on.

For 20 years the Royals have tried to airbrush Diana out of history yet here she is talking from beyond the grave.

She was 19 years old, him ten years older, she should never have married him, she was chosen to provide a heir and spare, she did that then Charles took up with Camilla again.

If he was so in love with her, he should have told mummy he was going to marry Camilla instead. In the end he did, but he and his family do not come out of this sorry saga with any glory, they are all cold fish.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Fantasy world

Lib Dem leader Vince Cable thinks he knows better than everyone else, just like the young generation always think they know better than the older generation. Unfortunately, politicians never grow up.

Brexit would not have happened if it wasn’t for the mindless dogma of uncontrolled immigration. He and the young generation are living in a dreamworld if they think it’s not a problem for Britain to take in a million people every three or four years.

Freedom of movement may be a right ideal in an ideal world where there is no economic reason for people to flood from one country to another in large numbers, but that world does not exist, and that economic situation has not been created. Create the situation first or don’t put first things first and create chaos.

The young have not been “comprehensively shafted”, as Cable describes it, by older Brexit voters. The young generation were left a legacy of debt, unaffordable housing and an old-world capitalist economy on the verge of collapse by a generation of politicians who led us into this mess while we were in the EU. And no lessons have been learned.

The main causes of the global financial crisis have been swept under the carpet. Politicians have been allowed to play politics with the financial crisis and blame goverment spending, using the public sector as a scapegoat, while the disastrous finance industry has been allowed to carry on business as usual, creating money out of thin air as well as complex financial games, mechanisms and derivatives which hide risk, toxic debt and balance sheets. It’s still a credit-fuelled fantasy world.

Gordon Sanderson

Oxspring S36

Will common sense prevail?

To continue with the ongoing tree saga, I do agree with some of the points made by P Loreto, (Star, July 13), who is sad and angry that “healthy” trees have been taken out by Amey right across the city. However, some of the points made by other letter writers are so melodramatic that it is difficult to take them seriously.

In an ideal world, the trees would have been regularly maintained over the years, so that they would not be giving the problems that they do now. Damaged kerbs and pavements would also have been rectified, reducing the numbers of trees needing to be removed. But, we do not live in an ideal world.

Unlike P Loreto, we were happy that while we were away, three trees on our road were taken out and are to be replaced by smaller species of tree. As I have mentioned previously, many trees at Norton Lees are extremely large and dense, causing residents many ongoing problems. From one of our upstairs windows we now have a lovely view over the city and a lot more light can get through to our house. The trees on our road have been identified as Norway maple. They would be perfect in a woodland setting, but not on a residential street so close to houses. The majority of the trees will remain as they are, with no further maintenance planned for at least three years.

Unfortunately, this lack of regular maintenance will once again store up problems for the future. We have a tree in very close proximity to our house with huge branches overhanging our driveway that we have requested be pruned, or a crown lift. Amey initially said they will not do this work. The trees have not been looked after for a considerable number of years and residents should not be expected to continually clear up after the branches, leaves etc. have fallen on paths and driveways. The trees should receive regular and appropriate attention. If Amey are reluctant to prune “our” tree I cannot believe that they will take down healthy trees for the sake of it. The Amey contractors I have spoken to are Tree Surgeons. From what they said, they respect trees and are not some sort of psychopathic tree haters.

The tree protestors seem to believe that their views are more important than local residents, that work on the trees must stop and that every tree must be saved. Most of the local people I have spoken to agree with the work taking place. Some have felt intimidated when confronting argumentative tree protestors, who often turn up in large groups to stop work going ahead.

Lastly, I do agree with the right to protest. Indeed, I have been involved in protests and demonstrations all my adult life. However, I do not support the tree protestors on this ongoing issue. Surely common sense must prevail?

K Hockney

Out of the, (dog), mess

One of the dreams of Brexit was that people wanted to re-establish a sense of community in their neighbourhoods.

Locals taking pride in their parks and open spaces, resulting in less litter and dog mess.

“Rule Britannia”, “Take Back Control”, “Heartbeat England”: call it what you like, yet I am disappointed to see that individuals are not responding to this call of duty.

Come on, people!

You can do it, for Queen and country.

With less money going round, it is now time to prove that you mean what you say: to look after your neighbourhood, your street, your park.

We cannot blame the EU this time. It’s down to you.

Danny Piermattei


Listen to the people

I would like to congratulate Mr Ian Dalton on his recent letter to the Star it was brilliant, he summed up the problems that are occurring in the town hall.

Why the councilors don’t listen to the people of Sheffield is beyond me, it appears they go for the easy option all the time.

Mr Dalton forgot to mention Councillor Brian Lodge and the strange decisions he makes at times.



Boomtime for Steel City!

Slightly posh sandwich shop moves in: former HSBC to become High-Status Butty Company.

Boomtime for Steel City!

How could Channel 4 possibly resist us now?

Will you be similarly gleeful when we get our first Guinea Shop - 5p better than a mere Pound Shop?

We need a better class of bookies, too.

Leeds has a “turf accountant”, so should we go one better with a steeplechasing stockbroker?

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield, S35