First past the post

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It’s time the people of Britain changed from using the First Past the Post system to elect its MPs. Over the past few hundred years, Britain’s society and democracy have developed and changed beyond recognition.

Our voting system, however, has remained the same.

FPTP is not fit for purpose; we believe we need to change to a system of Proportional Representation.

Here’s why: FPTP distorts the results of our elections and means that parliament does not reflect the way that people voted.

The 2015 General Election was the most disproportionate in British history and is a shocking example of how our voting system distorts the will of the people.

In 2015, 24% of votes cast were for UKIP, the Liberal Democrats or the Green Party. However, these parties now have only 10 MPs between them - just 1.5%. One party, the SNP, received 1.5m votes and won 56 seats in parliament whilst another, UKIP, received 4m votes but just one seat in parliament. This isn’t democratic.

Proportional Representation would mean each party’s representation in parliament would match the share of votes they received.

Parliament would more accurately represent the wide range of views and perspectives in British society.

Together we can!

Eddie Storey

Huntington Street, DN5