First class my ....

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I had a little chuckle to myself on reading EB Warris’s complimentary letter about the first-class workmanship of Kier.

A couple of years ago I happened to drop in to see an old, dearly-departed friend of mine.

There was a joiner from Kier there just finishing up my friend’s fitted kitchen.

“All done now,” he said. “I’ve just got to tidy up.”

“No need to bother,” said my friend. “I’ll see to that.” Then he thanked him for a ‘smashing’ job.

As soon as he’d gone,my friend turned into Catherine Tate’s grandma. “Come and look at this,” he said.

They’d moved all his kitchen round and his cutlery drawer,which is probably the most used drawer, was next to his cooker. “Looks nice,” I said. “Try opening that drawer,” he said.

To my shock it only opened about an inch because it was so close to the cooker. No matter how I tried, the drawer would not open. I told him to get the joiner back, but being a bit old-fashioned, he didn’t like to bother him.

So, as Jim Royle would say, first class my ....

Ted Fowler

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