Fining the litter bugs

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It was interesting to read the report on people who were fined for dropping litter in Sheffield last week.

In all 29 people were fined, which is good, but could be a lot better.

I’m sure most people have seen individuals drop all kinds of litter on a daily basis but where are the guardians of the town who issue these fines?

I have never seen any of them issue fines.

If two were placed permanently on Fargate, Church Street and the Moor I’m sure the fines collected would result in a substantial reduction in our expensive council tax and if Page Hall was patrolled properly the council could scrap council tax all together.

A bit of wishful thinking there, sorry for falling into the realms of fantasy at the end.

Vin Malone

by email

Homeless problem

A young man died in the city centre last week on a bitterly cold night.

He is the third this year and it’s only February. How many more?

The Labour council claimed there were only 12 people sleeping rough in our city.

I am confused. Pubs and other empty buildings were found to house the refugees coming into the City of Sanctuary.

I fear for the homeless who are left to die in the cold and the growing problem we have with a lack of housing for those most vulnerable.

I intend to make Jeremy Corbyn and other Sheffield MPs aware of what is happening here in Sheffield under a so-called Labour council.

M Bagshaw


Any spare tree?

Did the Amey workers have a spare tree when carrying out replanting in the Wadsley Bridge area?

A tree was planted on the banking of Halifax Road just above the Kilner Way Retail Park.

There has never been a tree on this banking and when it is in leaf it will block the sign for the service area for the retail park.

In years to come it will also block the electronic sign that gives information about the Sheffield Wednesday home matches.



No sensible fracking

Would EB Warris be willing for ‘sensible’ fracking to happen under his/her house and garden?

I doubt it.

Would EB Warris be willing to protect a tree, where many a beautiful creatures live?

By his/her previous letters, the answer is no.

Has EB Warris ever heard about renewable energy from solar panels, wind turbines?

Who knows, but fracking isn’t the answer.

There will always be power, but if people aren’t prepared to stand up to the fact the human beings are destroying our amazing planet, and huge corporate companies are only interested in making huge amounts of profit, then there is no future for generations to come.

There is no sensible’ fracking EB Warris.

The only sensible option is to turn to other eco-friendly ways to produce power!

Twisted Nerve

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We’re all Tories aren’t we?

I look forward to the day we leave the EU.

That’s because the British are nostalgic people and soon we will fondly remember the days of mutuality between nations, investment in our poorer regions and human rights.

It was nice when you could appeal to the European Court of Justice when you suffered injustice from the state.

The workers’ rights and the good old days of statutory sickness and leave?

The EU never stripped our assets, instead it provided investment that is so visible everywhere in South Yorkshire.

Once Brussels is out of the way, the new rulers will buy these assets, making us even more nostalgic.

Remember that business or land?

They used to be British!

Anyway, we’re all Tories in South Yorkshire, aren’t we?

We know we are in good hands with them making decisions on our behalf.

After all, they are the “nostalgia” party by definition.

Danny Piermattei

Stannington, Sheffield

Where’s the strategy?

The Tree Management Strategy to which Sheffield City Council’s Streets Ahead and their contractor Amey are sort of working, ran out in 2017. May I ask: where is the Tree and Woodlands Strategy publicly promised for 2018?


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Guess who popped up?

There was a fascinating documentary on the Old Bailey on Channel 5,.

It was very interesting and filled us in on the workings of the court.

Then who pops up? Paul Burrell, same old story.

Jayne Grayson

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When will KFC open

Would anyone know when the KFC and Costa Coffee are going to be open at Sheffield Lane Top?

The workmen seem to have been there for an age, and I am not sure what they are doing.

Linda Webster

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Pity Blunkett didn’t listen

So Sir David Blunkett says that it’s time to listen to the people?

It’s a pity him and his buddy Blair didn’t listen to the people when they introduced the open-door policy for migrants

Sheffield as a city of sanctuary bears the brunt of their decisions.