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So Sheffield Town Hall chiefs are to issue new “tough” powers to crack down on litter? Well after untold publicity, including David Blunket highlighting the problem months ago, maybe the town hall should begin with targeting Page Hall because they still don’t get it.

So Sheffield Town Hall chiefs are to issue new “tough” powers to crack down on litter? Well after untold publicity, including David Blunket highlighting the problem months ago, maybe the town hall should begin with targeting Page Hall because they still don’t get it. Don’t organise extra refuse services (no one else gets them) fine them, the place looks like a third world country.

Michael Sutherland

How to choose

Roger Marsh writes that we should not have referendums because politicians on both sides of the argument lie and people cannot possibly understand the issues as they are too complicated.

Setting aside the arrogant dismissal of the public, (Mr Marsh doesn’t understand so obviously neither can they), I would like to ask a question.

Does he believe that during general election campaigns lying politicians speak nothing but the truth and the people who don’t understand suddenly become a well informed and enquiring electorate and if so why does he think this?

If he does not think this then, assuming that who should govern this country is at least as important as whether or not we stay in the EU, could he please advise as to how we should choose that government since presumably the public can hardly be trusted to do so?

Alternatively, could I ask Mr Marsh if his letter would have been written had the result gone the other way?

Stephen Crowther


I totally disagree

Having read Roger Marsh’s very interesting letter, stating there is no place for referendums in the government of the UK, I have to say that I totally disagree. Firstly he states people had little knowledge to vote either way. Well, I personally thought I had plenty of knowledge to vote the way I did. I agree that we were lied to on both sides of the debate, but let’s face it, politicians lie through their teeth all the time so I do not see why this situation was any different.

To state that referendums have no place here is a little naive. The voting public have a right to have their say on such big issues such as our relationship with the EU. And that is what the vote was about, not as many remain voters state, to close the drawbridge and leave Europe.

Roger states that it is in the interests of Russia and the USA to see a weaker Europe. OK? Why will Europe be weaker once we have left the EU?

May I remind Roger that Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Vatican City, San Marino, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, as well as the dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Faroe Islands and Greenland are not in the EU and only four of those mentioned are in the Single Market, so I really don’t think that Europe is weakening just yet.

Of course we have to see what negotiations we get. I admit it won’t be easy but as Roger mentions, “the UK has not negotiated a trade deal alone in over 44 years”. Why is that?

Oh, wait I remember, because being shackled to the failing EU bloc meant we couldn’t have our own trade deals with other countries. Roger also states that the main role of the EU was to stabilise Europe and prevent war.

So dictating to us for over four decades, making our laws, the decimation of our fishing fleet, flooding us with hundreds of thousands of EU migrants every year and charging us billions a year for the privilege was purely to stop war.

If that is what it takes to stop war then I suggest that we tell all the other sovereign nations around the globe that they all need to get together, pay huge sums in to a club, allow as many of each other’s residents to move to other countries, sometimes without a passport and remove all borders.

Perhaps we should suggest this and I can just imagine how many will come running to join. My guess. None.

Finally Roger states that “in this world it is harder to know who your friends are”.

I agree and isn’t it funny how we were told during the referendum by the luvvie duvvie Liberals that we should vote remain, because we should stay with our European friends, to be together.

Well isn’t it interesting how our European friends have gone from our allies to enemies more or less overnight. And now they claim they want to punish us for leaving and make sure we don’t get a better deal to the one we have got now, so other nations don’t think that they can do better out of the EU.

Is it just me or are the Brussels elite frightened that history will repeats itself?

Do they have to use scare tactics to keep members, perhaps because the club isn’t that great after all and fear is the only way to suppress the will of the voting public? At least we had a say, many of our European friends will not have that privilege. But that is the EU all over.

Matthew Hobson

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Crowd pleasers

On reading an article/letter that says Sheffield should not have a funfair near the railway station as it wasn’t fitting with our city, I find this strange as several very big cities do very well out of travelling funfairs.

Take Hull who have one very large funfair annually, bringing in huge revenue from visitors from all over the country, also take Nottingham with their famous Goose Fair, then in Scotland there are many in their main cities.

Also I believe Glasgow has a sensational indoor Christmas funfair/wonderland, so it may be something Sheffield could copy. Think about it, a huge indoor/outdoor Christmas funfair in the city, it would attract thousands.

Bring back the Halloween night as well. I cannot understand why that was ended as it was very successful or is it Sheffield doesn’t want successful crowd pleasers?


Greenhill/Bradway Tara

Wentworth Castle gardens

I think there should be an investigation into the closing of Wentworth Castle gardens to the public after a £4 million Lottery grant and maybe up to £20m to restore the conservatory and gardens.

The first question should be asked of the Lottery fund committee as to why they used lottery funds without some business plan to operate the site.

As it is we have given £4m to an organisation to enhance the value of their property and maybe they should start repaying it back.



Mindless ramblings

Me, Grahame, in the employ of the Star, that’s funny. If only, no I pen push for the goverment.

I write my mindless ramblings off my own bat.

Jayne Grayson

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I bet they won’t protest

I bet we don’t get them protesting outside the Town Hall for funding for our schools in Sheffield like we did with tree huggers up Ecclesall Road.

Paul Gregory still supporting the Labour Party past and present

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