Finding joy in folk losing job

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A couple of weeks ago there was a letter in The Star, in response to the news that more than 400 council workers in Sheffield could lose their jobs due to the cutbacks.

The letter stated that, “Public sector workers only do what the Government tells them to do, and nothing else.

“They just sit in nice warm buildings have high salaries and gold-plated pensions.

“Sack public servants and the country doesn’t miss them – money saved.”

I wondered what kind of person would write a letter like that, apparently finding great joy in some 400 people losing their jobs.

Having spent my working life equally split between the private and public sectors, I know what it’s like in both sectors, and I figured that the writer obviously wasn’t producing any facts to back up their statements because they didn’t have the experience or knowledge of working in the public sector that I had.

I am long since retired and have no axe to grind with anyone, and I would have found the writer’s letter offensive if they had written their letter about private sector workers.

I just thought that it was a nasty letter.

I wrote a letter in response, in which I tried to paint a picture of the reality of life in the public sector, which I hoped would give the writer a better insight of what he/she was not privy too.

Today (March 19), the writer replied to my letter, sarcastically calling me “the defender of the public sector” and repeating all the stuff that he/she said in their original letter, without a shred of evidence to back it all up.

So, what kind of person revels in throwing people out of work, and inflicting misery on them and their families?

Step forward G Ellison.

I think that G Ellison would happily shut the whole public sector down without any thought.

Which is a shame really, as he/she could obviously do with the help of a public sector nurse and surgeon to remove the ruddy big chip he/she is carrying on their shoulder?


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