Fear factor backfired

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We’re out! Hip hip hurray at last we have shaken off the shackles of that over powering, beaurocratic, monster that is Brussels.

I for one am sick to death of the Germans and the French making rules that we on this island have no control over.

I did think on Thursday evening that, combined with the very prosperous southern vote, the younger generation ie. anyone under 40 who have never known any thing different would vote to remain. However, the country has seen through the constant lies of Mr Camerons that we would be in financial meltdown and that World War 3 was just around the corner!

His biggest mistake in my opinion was bringing Barack Obama over here, a man who never in a million years would have given way to any outside influences involving the USA.

But having spouted that we would be better under the euro jackboot, David Cameron took a huge gamble. Firstly, thinking he may be in government with another party and secondly, promising a referendum should he gain overall power, he tried the fear factor and it backfired.


John Vintin

by email