Extortionate bus fares in Sheffield

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I think the increase in concessionary bus fares in Sheffield is disgraceful.

Fortunately I do not have to pay the extortionate bus fares in Sheffield on a regular basis, but now, if my eldest daughter and her family come to visit us, it will cost this family-of-five £12.80 to go to town and back on the bus.

So what will they do instead?

As long as they haven’t come to visit us by train, they will go to town in their car, thus polluting the atmosphere and clogging up the city’s roads still further.

I remember when bus fares in Sheffield were so reasonably priced that our city was one of the most traffic-free in the country.

Now it is as busy as any other large city and, due to its geographical situation, with an air quality worse than most.

Eilis Coffey

Tom Lane, Nethergreen, S10