Every reason to flee Sudan

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Asylum is not a “reward”. Abdul Rahman Haroun, the refugee who walked the length of Channel Tunnel, was judged by British officials to be in danger of persecution in his home country.

As that country is Sudan, the government of which has recently threatened death to two newspaper editors for criticising a minister and to 25 Muslims for following the “wrong” version of Islam, it is no surprise that even the British regime, with its culture of disbelief and tendency to refuse first and ask questions only when forced to, found that he is a refugee under the United Nations definition.

Even that did not stop them first imprisoning him for several months and charging him under a 19th century law used to prosecute the Luddites.

The “message” here is that if a man fears death in his own country more than death on the railway, he has every reason to flee.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield, S35