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Artists impression of the Herten Triangle, Lakeside, Doncaster
Artists impression of the Herten Triangle, Lakeside, Doncaster
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Advocates of heal;thy eating and home cooking in the face of an obesity crisis will no doubt have been disappointed to read of Doncaster Council’s £8m scheme for the Herten Triangle, with the inclusion of seven or eight fast food outlets.

We already have a rapidly declining town centre and now we plan to take a few more people away.

Maybe they will be torn between the Herten Triangle and the street cafes planned for Silver Street.

If the demand is there for these types of developments, why have we got so many boarded-up shops in the town centre?

If the schemes are designed to generate future council income, who is going to foot the bill for the extra cleaning in the areas? Fast food, expanding waistlines and litter come in the same package.

Surely it is time Doncaster councillors got off their backsides, visited Doncaster town centre unannounced and talked to the people, shop managers and stall-holders about Doncaster.

Somewhere, someone will have an idea worth looking at, or maybe no idea is better than a bad idea.

It certainly won’t be as costly.

Pete Rudd


Chance to narrow gap

Like Tony Spillane, (March 15), I am also delighted with the news about the redevelopments planned for the city centre.

Sheffield’s attractive new retail quarter will incorporate historic buildings including Leah’s Yard along with quality shops, plush four or five star hotels, grade A offices, residential apartments, leisure venues and a high end food hall.

The original Sevenstones project a decade ago was shocking.

If the scheme had gone ahead, it would have ripped the heart out of the city centre.

Lovely Victorian architecture including the Pepper pot building, Bethel Chapel and the Citadel would have been demolished to make way for the one big soulless monstrous carbuncle which would had ruined the Cambridge Street area.

The planned car park on the site of Henry’s Bar and the Pizza Hut on Wellington Street would have looked like a giant urinal.

It would have been criminal if the council allowed the destruction of the Little Mesters heritage site. Thankfully the Sevenstones scheme was abandoned due to the recession.

Given the go-ahead, the new retail quarter will transform the city centre and give Sheffield a shot in the arm and narrow the gap on Leeds and Manchester.



Thanks to hospital staff

I wish to thank all the ambulance staff who have done a sterling job in getting the renal patients too and from the hospital and to and from the dialysis unit on Broadfield Close during the recent snow.

My husband is a dialysis patient so I do understand how important it is for the patients to get to the hospital and to the dialysis unit.

Jane Coulston

by email

Cash found for protests

So now the council cannot provide care for elderly or vulnerable people?

I am sure they will blame austerity etc. etc.

How is it then that they find the funds to police those VERY dangerous tree protesters?

Even Louise Haigh has broken ranks and said there should be a pause and talk , rather than turning Sheffield into a police state. This council waste so much money, frittering millions on vanity projects. How do they sleep at night? They have short memories.

Thatcher used police in the 80s in a very similar fashion.

Gary Speck

Millhouses, S7

They are his views

I was reading up on Martin Sellner and his girlfriend this week. People have probably never heard of him or Britney.

He’s an Austrian anti-immigration protester and he and his other half believe, among many things, that migrants should not be rescued if the boats they are on capsize.

His views on race are not very nice, however they are his views and we don’t have to agree with him. He doesn’t want to agree with people who don’t think people should meet a watery end.

He and Britney have now been barred from entering these shores as what they have to say is so repulsive we are not allowed to hear it.

I find it madness he’s not allowed here. We may not agree with what’s been said but surely it’s better to hear it rather than him going underground and rallying the troops that way.

There are lots of vile people in society who talk very vile things.

Most people are capable of making their own mind up. The government shouldn’t be barring them, let us hear the nonsense they spout.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Help me to trace student

Can any of your readers help me to trace Chishimba Mulambia who studied last year at the university and lived in Greystones.

I have some property of hers which I would like to forward.

She and her little girl Mwango returned to Zambia in December.

Please ring me on 0114 2663735 or contact her telling her I am trying to get in touch.

Anne Diver


Put fluoride in fizzy pop

Put fluoride in the fizzy drinks that cause the decay, not in our water.

Wendy Pye-Smith

by email

Shame on you

To the person who found my daughter’s purse on the no.1 Stagecoach bus on Saturday – if you’d have left your details I would have rewarded you. There was no need to steal the money from it.

Shame on you.