Evading the question

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron
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I’ve just been watching the Andrew Marr show with David Cameron and can’t believe how many times the PM evaded answering the questions.

When Andrew asked about the question of in-work benefits and when they would be paid to immigrant workers all David Cameron would say is that it would take four years for them to get full benefits.

So Andrew asked again, how much would a immigrant worker get when he first arrived in Britain? Again the answer was after four years they would get full benefits on a sliding scale.

Again Andrew asked if he was an immigrant worker who had been in Britain for six months, how much benefits would he get? Again the only response David Cameron gave was the usual response “after four years they would get full benefits”.

It’s about time these politicians were told if you want to appear on any programme, you must answer the question asked and not evade it.


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