EU has no idea what our nation needs

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In reply to Veronica Hardstaff’s letter on positive news stories of the European Union, I would also like to comment on them.

First of all, you refer to Master Cutler Craig Mckay’s comments on the fact that there has been 70 years of peace among EU member states. I’ll totally agree with you.

But do we really think that we would have been at war with, say France, if we had not joined the then Common Market. I notice we are not bombing the hell out of Norway or Switzerland, despite the fact that they are not members. And although there is not physical war in the EU, there is now a verbal one.

Take the refugee crisis that has caused so much arguing, that the once celebrated Schengen agreement now lies in tatters, as some countries have now reintroduced border controls.

Secondly, you state that we are enjoying a new industrial estate, partly funded by a grant of £1 million of EU cash. Don’t you mean our cash. After all, we pay a membership fee of £20 billion a year, or £55 million a day, so we are getting back a pittance of our own money to fund this. It is like giving somebody £100 and them giving them back 1 pence to spend. Plus if our partly EU-funded projects are all successful, and as predicted our economy is to be the biggest in the EU, our membership fee is to increase as there is more money coming in.

And thirdly, you state Les Arnott blames the recent flooding on the EU, because of their advice on dredging.

First of all, under the European Water Framework Directive, passed into law by Tony Blair, (I might have guessed), we are not advised to not dredge, we are forbidden to dredge. Even though our Dutch neighbours, whose very existence depends on water management told us we need to dredge our rivers and in some cases widen them.

Now my problem is not that it turns out that dredging may not be the answer, but as the rest of the Eurosceptics like me will think, we were told not to do it by the EU.

You Europhiles must think that everything that the EU does gets under our skin, and you are right. Because our argument is that we are being dictated to by a bunch of foreign politicians, who have no idea what our nation needs.

No matter what half- hearted renegotiation Dave comes back with, the simple answer is I will still want us to leave the EU, because there will be more laws and rules that we will need to abide by because Frau Merkel tells us so.

Matthew Hobson