EU behaves like imperial power

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With regard to Veronica Hardstaff’s letter, January 11, I would like to make two replies.

The first is in regard to a £1 million grant by EU to a new industrial park.

The EU is behaving like any imperial power does.

It is exactly what the Roman Empire did to the regions of its empire.

It taxed the regions, (we are taxed to the tune of £55m a day), and then fed a small amount back to improve the infrastructure of the regions in order that the citizens, in their naivety, were led to think well of their oppressors and go along with their agenda.

The second point is that the EU is in no way responsible for guaranteeing the peace we have enjoyed over the last 70 years.

Most people would agree that NATO has been the guarantor and not the EU.

It is unfortunate that spurious arguments like those of Veronica Hardstaff are going to be used to encourage people to vote to stay in the EU.

Geoffrey Cook

Bannerdale Road