End of democracy is wide of the mark

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Susan Richardson sadly adds to the hysteria about the tree felling. Her letter is full of silly exaggerations, but I want to comment in particular on her comments about the ‘death of democracy’.

Sheffield Council has a democratic duty to act on behalf of all citizens, not just the noisy local activists.

How can the opposition know what the whole of Sheffield wants done? Noise does not equal democratic legitimacy. Local elections do.

Sheffield Council have thousands of times more democratic legitimacy than Susan Richardson or any other oppositionist.

I am sad that the trees have had to be felled, but trees do not have a right to be left alone when they are too big, in the wrong place, or are causing continuing and increasing damage.

I hope that Sheffield will try to take action for the benefit of all Sheffield citizens present and future. Sadly, that might mean the look of some roads worsens.

The language and ludicrous claims of many of the activists against the tree felling does the ‘democracy’ they claim no favours. The idea that this marks the end of democracy is very wide of the mark.

And the mischievous words of the Liberal Democrats exploiting this dispute shows cynicism and cowardice.

David Allen

by email