Ed Balls did his best

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Shame on you, F Parker, for your comments about Ed Balls in Strictly Come Dancing.

I also am 94 years old and loved to go dancing during the 2nd World War, both at the Cutler’s Hall and the small dance floor at the Sunshine Cafe on Orchard Street.

I have always enjoyed watching Strictly Come Dancing but would never have said someone was rubbish!

Life teaches us that we can’t be good at everything and that goes for dancing.

Ed Balls did his very best even though the different dances are far more complicated than we ever did, so give credit why it’s due!

Neither does he grin, as you say, but has a lovely smiling face which appears to make most people smile as well, and didn’t spoil the show.

It was a certainty that he wouldn’t win but as one newspaper said, with a photo of him being lifted up by his competitors, he didn’t please the judges but he won the hearts of the viewers.

Well done Ed Balls.

Dorothy Canning

Graham Road, Sheffield, S10