EB Warris and SYP

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EB Warris, you should hang your head in shame in saying our local SYP should work until their bones creak, for, my friend, the SYP do more work in one day than you did in, say, 40 plus years.

They deserve every penny of their retirement cash.

One has only to look at the police records down the past century or so –

Under the chief constable in or around the 1920s they put to flight one or two Sheffield gangs intent on bringing Sheffield to its knees.

A lone cop entered an East End pub to take on a man intent on shooting everyone in that pub as they were celebrating the 1958 new year.

A lone WPC in the Gleadless Valley area raced up to a hatchet-waving mad man, suffering untold wounds.

Her career, I shouldn’t wonder, over before it had begun.

Pete Godfrey