Eatery’s toilet is far from bog standard

Facility: The squat toilet.
Facility: The squat toilet.
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NOW there’s nothing bog standard about this: it’s Sheffield’s first ever public Chinese-style squat toilet.

The Diary had an exc-loo-sive look at the new gents facility at Noodle Inn Centro, in Westfield Terrace, city centre.

It requires chaps to crouch instead of sitting.

But restaurant owner David Chan insists installing the Oriental lav wasn’t a potty idea.

“Every house in China has one,” he says. “We 
get so many Chinese students in here and they kept breaking my toilet seats by standing on them. I thought I can’t be having that so I had this put in. It’s authentic.”

There are health benefits too. Squatting, it seems, can reduce the risk of colon cancer, appendicitis and inflammatory bowels.

Don’t worry, though, fellas.

If you prefer to take the weight off your feet while flicking through a copy of The Sun, there’s a regular loo too.

As for David, he’s just opened his fourth eatery, Noodle Inn Hotpot in London Road.

“For now, only this one has a squat toilet,” he says. “But who knows in the future?”

Either way, it seems 
this is one entrepreneur who is truly flushed with success.