Dumpster derby coming soon

Dumpster racing
Dumpster racing
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Great news! Sheffield Council has proposed the introduction of the spectacular new sport that is sweeping the world’s student campuses: The Dumpster Derby! (see picture).

This exciting innovation encourages students to finish their Friday night frolics with a raucous round of rowdy, riotous rubbish-bin racing.

Dumpsters will shortly be introduced to Crookesmoor, Upperthorpe, Sharrow and Crosspool: areas where the alpine terrain and high student population are guaranteed to make this stunning new sporting spectacle an instant hit with local residents.

Thrill to the clattering cavalcade of crashing, crunching dumpsters, weighing up to a ton when full, as they hurtle down the hill at speeds in excess of 30mph and sweep all before them: cars, fences, houses, even pedestrians… nothing can stop the Dumpster Derby, coming soon to a steep incline near you!

Neville Martin

Castledine Gardens, Sheffield, S9

Not everyone will comply

Giant bins, I do hope the council have thought through all the pitfalls of this scheme.

If they think that anyone passing will not use these bins for anything and everything, they are as naïve as I expected.

If the holes are big enough for bottles etc., then they wil also take junk food wrappers, dog poo bags and cigarette butts.

There WILL be a sorting job to do when the bins are emptied.

I am not being negative, it is just a fact.

Current human behaviour is not a reason to give in, however they must not expect everybody will comply with their plans.

Gary Speck

Dobcroft Avenue, Millhouses

Wooden chopsticks

With the steel industry practically gone and less steel cutlery being produced will the time come when we will all be using wooden chopsticks and other wooden utensils?

After all there is plenty of wood around, especially from all the trees that have been chopped down in Sheffield.

Come along chop chop.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14

We don’t have to conform

Young lad gets on the bus, head to toe dressed as a goth, could be a look I could have gone for.

I like wearing black, don’t mind a bit of black eyeliner.

There he his minding his own business, then two lads decide he’s an easy target.

Laughing at him, making comments about his clothes.

Why feel the need to do that?

Yeah he wasn’t wearing so called normal clothes but who are you to judge him?

Grow up, get over yourselves, we all don’t have to conform, people are allowed to be different.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Read the contract

Me thinks that Sheffield Council should send themselves letters saying no more trees to be cut down.

Or next time actually read the things in the contract, not passively sign away on the dotted line.

I think heads should roll for this debacle, as most people thought that Amey work was to do the roads.

I remember when they first took over a few years ago my driver and I used to say plenty of money for new vans, maybe that’s why they need the wood from the trees.

PH Siddall


Water the birds

There’s been no rain, sun fears.

Birds need to drink as well as humanoids.

I bet not many people put water out for birds.

Grant Holland

Sheffield, S1

Who does he think he is?

It is reported in the media that Brexit could take as long as two decades to get EU approval unless the two sides agree a “precise” blueprint in October.

Guy Verhofstadt the European Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator wants the UK to have an “association agreement” with the EU. He told the UK MPs’ Brexit committee he wanted to see full details of how that would work in the Autumn. If there was room for misunderstanding it could take a long time for the EU to ratify it, he warned.

Who does he think he and the other 27 member States of the EU are in telling the British people that it could take 20 years to release us from their shackles? 17.4 million voters chose to leave the EU - out meaning out - with no mention at the Referendum of a soft or hard Brexit. The majority chose to leave and our Government and negotiating team should ensure that we do just that, on terms favourable to us. If a deal cannot be reached we should unilaterally leave which would be a major financial blow to the EU - hence their determination to keep us in their clutches for as long as possible.

Our opportunities for regaining control of immigration and our borders, our National Sovereignty, fishing rights and world trade, together with a massive financial boost, far outweigh the prospect of a further 20 years EU “penal servitude.”

We are not leaving Europe only the EU. If they wish to trade with us as an independent nation all well and good - there is nothing to stop other member States doing so if they wish, for the benefit of all parties. When they see how successful we shall become as a “free spirit” who knows others may wish to join us in being freed of their ties to an unelected organisation whose accounts have not been audited and approved for many years, and who have enjoyed our massive net annual financial contribution to their coffers during this time - currently c £8.4 billion.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5