Dumped in a corner of the Peak District

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Dumped in a corner of the Peak District, along with three mattresses and a scattering of smashed-up electrical goods.

There were piles of cards welcoming a child into the world, some children’s school bags, and a variety of private letters clearly indicating where it had all come from.

A sad commentary on modern life, for it seems a property had been cleared, for reasons unknown.

Recent happy events so soon turned into unwanted garbage, left out in the rain, an eyesore.

Somewhere there must now be an unhappy tale to be told for surely the owners would not leave such obvious evidence in view?

Surely no reputable property owner would act this way?

I know the place it was dumped, and the name and address of the apparent owners, but it’s unlikely to be their wish for it all to be dumped like this.

Derbyshire County Council and the police have been informed.

Chris Morgan

by email