Duelling banjos

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My letter on The Tips of My Fingers seems to have caused some banter and it’s more like the duelling banjos now.

I am still sticking to PJ Proby as my choice of singer.

However, Mike seems to know what he is talking about.

I would love to go to The Railway Hotel, it used to be my local in the ’70s, when Fred Woodbine was the landlord, but forces stronger than me forbids it – the wife.

Mike mentioned the forces. I was in was the cadets, with my friend Tony and we went on mock wars at Froggatt Edge. Our leader was Sergeant Major Haveaty, at Somme Barracks.

If I did make it to see Mike, I would ask him if he could play me a song by Sandford Clark, called Son of a Gun. Lsten to the words, it’s a classic. Respect to Mike.