Driving our country into the ground

Theresa May
Theresa May
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When will unelected Prime Minister Theresa May and her Tory MPs stop driving our country into the ground? In some ways it feels we are worse off now than in Victorian times. They are intent on destroying all our public services by giving contracts to international companies, some of which have been fined for fraud.

The Tories are determined to privatise our treasured NHS (the envy of the world) by the back door. The service is in crisis through underfunding. There is a shortage of nurses, doctors and midwives due to the austerity policies of government. These are skills that require years of training so there is no quick fix. For all the austerity the national debt is not reducing.

Funding for social care in the community is also starved of cash leading to bed blocking in hospitals.

Saying that local authorities should raise council tax will only punish the taxpayer.

Once again both the prison and probation services are in crisis due to privatisation where profits take precedence over rehabilitation.

The education service is also being destroyed by the government’s obsession with ‘free schools’, grammar schools, academies and excessive testing – even at preschool age. Why don’t they listen to the teaching profession and restore a wider more inclusive curriculum. Local authorities should have the school service restored to them so they have an overview of all schools. Theresa May has reneged on her promise to allow 3000 unaccompanied child refugees into the UK. She has reduced the number to 350. Has she no compassion? Public libraries are a distant memory because councils have to make difficult decisions what to prioritise.

The Tories are overriding local decisions to prevent fracking despite the protests of local people, we do not want Cuadrilla and co. given carte blanche to tear up our beautiful countryside. Our transport system is a complete shambles and costs commuters large chunks of their salaries. It is time an integrated system was renationalised and fares were on a par with our European neighbours. At the moment British commuters subsidise those of France, Holland, Germany and Italy. For all these reasons I would like to see a vote of no confidence in the government to force an early election. At 91 years of age I don’t want to have to wait for 2020. We need a Labour government with heart and soul to restore our country to a fair society for all.

Win Francis

Lowedges, Sheffield